AFter spending 20+ years in front of the mirror...

as a cosmetologist, using physical beauty as a conduit for self-worth, feelings of "I am enough", feelings of joy and happiness, I realized that true self-worth, being whole and being "enough" come from a much deeper place.  Thus began my journey of healing.  That journey led me to the deep dark place within most of us that says "You Are Not Enough" and face to face with all of the negative beliefs, emotions, past traumas and patterns that foster that belief.  

While physical beauty exists in each of us, it cannot bring wellness, peace and joy; rather it is an expression of true
self-worth that comes from the soul.


The other side of the mirror

I began the journey of healing myself and that journey led me to the Institute of Healing Arts (IHA).  Their message resonated with me on both a personal and professional level, and I realized how helpful it would be to not only me, but to many others as well.  I attended the year-long course at IHA and graduating with my Clinic in Excellence.

I now have the opportunity to stand on the other side of the mirror and guide others through their healing journey.  


Healing brings new awareness.... 

Awareness about who you are, your purpose, possibilities and capabilities.  It is like spring cleaning for the soul.  I have witnessed the power of healing in my own life, as well as in the lives of my clients.  It is powerful, it becomes the turning point for many in their lives; the new perspective brought about through the healing unleashes the authentic soul, that part of you that has remained silent or been silenced steps forward and brings new awareness, perspective and possibilities.   



on a personal note...

I work part-time as a co-trainer in the Day program at IHA.  I devote the rest of my time to my clients both at my Emotional Wellness office in Heber City and my home salon where self-care is an integral part of true self worth, the self-worth that comes from the soul.

My husband and I and our two teenage sons live in the Heber Valley where I was born and raised.  Connecting with nature is a lifestyle for me and my family. We spend a great deal of time horse riding, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting and fishing, taking in all the beauty nature has to offer.


Begin your healing Journey...