Products and Services

Emotional Release Process- $50.00

The emotional release process lasts about 1 to 1 ½ hours.  Using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) we determine  an age of decision.  We talk about what was happening, move emotions using shapes and colors to contain these emotions and belief systems.  We clear and release the negative, replace with positive enabling a different perspective.

Ten Point Priority - $25.00

The Ten point Priority is a simple road map to better health.  Using applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) we test to determine  ways to support the physical body while working through emotional release.  Based on the top 10 priorities which are: Structural, Exercise/Rest, Nutrition, Cleanse, Emotional, Generational, Electrical/Reactive, Vibrational, Aromatherapy, and Spiritual.

Flower Essence Formulas - $20.00 + shipping

We use muscle testing to determine which flower essence will best support you.  You will receive your own special blend of Flower Essence.

Essential Oils - Varies based on oils

We use muscle testing to determine which oils will best support you while processing and healing.  The brand of oils used are doTERRA.