So often the material I have to write about has to do with the things we all experience in everyday life.  So I find it very interesting when I come across people who tend to be fairly miserable which by definition means, wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable. So I am certain we all have someone we know that fits that definition, unfortunately I know several!  Most typically people who fit this mold tend to try to share there miserable energy.  Either through complaining, whining, being disrespectful, or being down right rude.  The key is, not allowing this misery to impact our own happiness or lives.  I guess the question to that is how do I do that?

From my perspective its a matter of power.  If a miserable person has the power to inflict their misery onto us they then get to take a little bit of our power.  If they inflict their misery over say 10 people in a day then just think how powerful this makes them feel, then that just adds fuel to the fire.  If there misery doesn't produce a reaction from us, then maybe they can realize there sour mood doesn't have the power to change ours.  

So moving forward remember don't let miserable people take your power.  If we give in and allow them to make us miserable then have lost the battle. Instead stand in your truth knowing the only person in charge of your mood is you!