So my teenage son was going out with some friends one evening, and one of his friend's mother didn't want her son to go.  The question that my son asked was "Why is his mother so controlling?"  Well not knowing the friend, the mother, or the situation (for all I know he didn't clean his room) I answered from what I have learned about emotional responses. "The greater the fear, the greater the need to control."  

Control is the power to influence or direct peoples behavior or the course of events.  When we find ourselves trying to control a person or situation try taking a step back and asking "What is the fear?"  This helps bring clarity about why we are behaving this way.  Which most often we think we are coming from a place of love, it is actually being fed by fear, fear that they can't handle their life. The sticky part about trying to control is that it usually back fires and causes more out of control behavior.   

So if we are trying to come from different place rather than control and fear the opposite would be trust and love.  Trust a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something."  When we come from a place of trust we are empowering people that they can handle their life, and showing love in a more honest and real way!  "The greater the trust, the greater the love."