We have all experienced negativity in one way or another.  The problem is when we get headed down a path that's laden with negative thoughts, we tend to create more negative thinking and it seems as if we get sucked into it deeper and deeper....  I know that I have experienced that in my own life,  It starts with something we perceive as bad or wrong, then we start finding an  attracting more of these negative experiences and yet seem to invite more by asking....

What's else could go wrong?

The first step is to identify when we are experiencing negative thoughts. Some indicators that we may be experiencing negative thoughts is when we are using all or nothing thinking, using absolutes like "always" and "never", believing that we know what others are thinking or feeling, or using self beat up.  These are some good indicators that we have been caught in a negative thought pattern. 

Once we have identified that we are in a negative spiral how do we come out of it?  One of the most powerful ways is to challenge the thought.  

This reminds me of an experience the other day when a dear friend expressed how horrible her luck was.  She was focusing on everything that had gone wrong or bad, and based on looking at those events she decided she had bad luck.

My other friend was taken back by this comment, he had experienced quite a few health issues.  So many in fact that most people would certainly consider him to indeed have bad luck.  However, he didn't look at it as a negative thing, instead he just looked at it as an experience.  Choosing instead to look at the great things he has experienced in his life.

Our thoughts are truly powerful.  How fulfilling would life be if we choose to focus on the positive and happy experiences. What we focus on will grow, let's make sure we are focusing on the things we want to expand!