Body Image


So it occurs to me the other day as I was going through my morning routine.   I caught myself falling in to an old pattern that I have been trying to get out of, that of being mean to my physical body.  Meaning saying it’s not skinny enough or that it doesn’t look quite right, it’s not this, or it is that, etc.….  So at what point are we going to be ok with our physical body?  Would it ever be possible that we could love it?   So that got me thinking who decides if it’s good or not?  When can we decide that it’s acceptable?  Is it when we receive a compliment from our spouse, or when a friend says we are looking good, or when the scale shows a certain number saying yes we are now acceptable?  Why can’t it be because we find value in it and that it is beautiful?  That it is strong and helps us to do all the physical things that we accomplish day in and day out.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop holding our bodies to other people’s standards…..How would we view our bodies if we treated them with honor and respect?