Creation, the action or process of bringing something into existence. So my last blog was all about goals and getting the things we want written down.  Now that we have an idea of what we are wanting now lets figure out how to bring them into our lives.

I love the idea of creation.  So an artist starts out with an idea of what they would like to see.  Then through their ability to use vision, they then put down what started in there head.  Writing the goals down is a task for our left brain, creating the vision comes from the function of the right brain.

Often times people will create a vision board to help them be more clear about what it is they actually want to see.  This is a great way to help be more detailed about what it is that we are wanting.  

But I feel that the most important thing to do is the action part.  Are we creating the space in our lives for the things we are asking for?  So let's start with something simple. Say one of the things the I had set for a goal was new clothes.  So if I just sit around and wait to see if my closet feels up with new things, I might be a little disappointed. If I decide to create the space for my new clothes that would be the action we would need to attract what we are wanting.  Now don't everyone go throw out all you own, hoping for something new.   This is simply creating a bit of a blank canvas for us to start from.   We would then continue our artistry of what we would want to see there dresses, jackets, jeans and what color would they be? What texture would we want them to fell like?  Paint the picture in your head of exactly what you would want to see.  

So many of you are rolling your eyes saying this is crazy!!  The truth is that we are all in some ways creating our life.  I often hear people who have poor health being very focused on how poor their health is.  On that same note there are people that I know that despite their poor health they refuse to give it more energy than it already costs them.  Energy follows intent, we can follow it down the rabbit hole or we can choose to aim for a higher mark.

So once we are clear about what it is we want to create, we can move forward with action painting the picture of what we want to see in our lives.

Create something beautiful.