Emotions are something we experience every day.  We have lower vibrating emotions like shame (one of our lowest vibrations), guilt, and apathy.  We also have higher vibrating emotions like love, joy and peace.  Then of course we have some in the middle that range from fear, to anger and courage. This is based on a system developed by David Hawkins as explained in the book Power vs Force. 

So what I would like you to visualize is water when in its frozen state the molecules are very slow moving  and there is not a lot of action.  The same goes for us when we are vibrating at the lower calibrating emotions (shame, guilt, or apathy).  It seems as if it is very hard to make things happen or even to get moving in any direction.

So then I want you to imagine what water is like in its boiling state.  We can recognize that the molecules are moving at a very rapid state.  There is a lot of movement but in a more erratic state and not really any rhythm.  These would be our middle or cleansing emotions if you will (anger, pride and courage). These are our catalyst required to make change.  So I am sure most of you just said what??? 

How does anger become a catalyst for change?

Often we look at anger as being wrong or bad or maybe the word conditioned to believe that anger is wrong or bad would be more appropriate.  From my perspective anger simple means something is not OK.  So think about the last time you where angry, for instance the last time you where cut off by another car on the freeway.  Anger is a powerful emotion, did you have  a right to be angry?  Seems justified when we felt our safety was in jeopardy.  The question is what is it we do with our anger? Do we diffuse it in healthy ways, take it out on a loved one  or do we shove it down to those lower vibrating emotions?  By all means we wouldn't want it to go to rage or road rage have you.  Diffusing the anger is the tipping point to help us move into the higher vibrations.

So then if we can get through the rapid boiling water we see the water transform into steam, water in an almost weightless form.  So how would it feel if our emotions felt light and weightless?  That is what we experience when we are in love, joy or peace those higher vibrating emotions.  Isn't that what we want our lives to be filled with? 

If transforming your emotions into love, joy and peace is something you would like to experience call or email me and we can start your transformation right away.