So with Valentines just a few days away, I thought I would write a little bit about love. Love is described as an intense feeling of deep affection.  We often have different types of love unconditional love for your children, romantic love of your spouse and even love for dear friends.  Where do we experience these feelings of love?  It is within our heart that we connect with people in love.

The heart is the key to a healthy connection, when we are in a balanced place of the heart, it is easier to both give and receive love.   When we can be at peace with ourselves and offer love and compassion too ourselves it helps us to be in a better place to love others and receive their love in return.  

What happens when we  maybe didn't get the love we so desperately wanted?  Usually we decide "well that must mean that I am not lovable", so then we encapsulate the pain in which blocks our heart from the flow of love.  How hard is it to love someone who won't allow love to penetrate their heart.  Which often leads to confusion in many relationships. 

We also need to take into consideration love languages.  Sometimes the flavor of love we offer isn't the other persons love language and hence an act of love from our perspective isn't received as one to our child, spouse or friend.  The book The five love languages written by Gary Chapman gives all sort of insight to learning love languages. 

 So with this valentines day approaching check in with yourself -

How is my heart feeling?

Is there enough love for me?

Am I able to receive the love that is offered to me?  

Do I feel worthy of love?

It's possible if you answered no to even one of these questions your heart might be in need of a tune up.  Let's get the energy moving and get your heart back to communicating it's message of love.