One of our greatest assets as humans is our ability to communicate.  The ability to speak and be heard.  Say how we feel and ask for what we need.

I often witness two common styles of communication. Those who over communicate and those who under communicate.  

I am sure you can think of someone who over communicates. For instance the person who says a whole lot but there is little meaning or valuable content. They for instance would take 100 words to communicate what could be said in 10 words. The dangerous thing with this type of communication is that the listener has to filter through all the extra that is being said to try to find the meaningful information.

Then there is the type who under communicates. This might be someone who doesn’t use very many words. This person may say very little leaving the listener to fill in the blanks. Often I find this style of communicator dangerous due to the fact that all the information is not being brought forward. They may even expect a person in which they are communicating with to read their mind. Which we all know how hard that is to do with any accuracy.

The key is balance. I think it is important to be clear on the details we are trying to communicate and not be to lacking in information as well as not being to overwhelming with the information that is necessary. Good communication is essential for meaningful and successful relationships.

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